Help Hannah the Hippo save the planet!

Hannah loves earth! It's her and all her friends home. But recently there has been some trouble! Now she needs YOUR help.


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Who are we?

Troop 20219

Why make this?

Join us on our journey to help the earth by sending in your animal drawings!

   We started this project to teach little kids how to protect the earth and its animals. By visiting our website kids can learn the importance of keeping the environment clean. This is one of the many projects that we as a troop have done. 

Email us your drawings:


Unlock your badges!

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Badge earning instructions:

In order to earn badges, you must submit a picture of the completed activity, along with your username on our site, to , then your request will be reviewed and you can be awarded your badge.

Charlie the Cheetah

Earn your final badge by completing Charlie's Crossword



Sally the Snake

Toby the Turtle 

Wilma the Walrus

Earn your second badge by completing the coloring page!

Earn your first badge by completing Toby's Task!​

Earn your third badge by playing the game!


Click on the image for Hannahs Journey word search !! :) 

Click the image to print the pollution crossword

Click the image to

make your own pig!

Can you find some of the places animals live?

More Activities!! 

Helping Hannah by Troop 20219

Tropical Leaves
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